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Words can’t describe how excited I am to finally be able to share my blog with everyone! This has been a work in progress and has taken much planning & time on my part. My vision for this blog is to encourage all who read it, to participate in things that bring joy into their life. Each day I try to free my mind & spirit and try to actively engage in the positive energy that I feel I am meant to radiate. Whether I’m alone with my guitar or in a yoga class or simply having a meaningful conversation with a friend, I can feel the importance of living a positive lifestyle and want to share that way of life with others.

This is why, there was no way I could just keep it to one topic/genre and created both an Instagram and YouTube account for this blog. In a way, this is like my virtual diary. I currently reside in Baltimore and this city has been so good to me. I am in love with it, and while I feel like I still have much to explore, I also have a lot to share. I am a coffee/tea addict. Having a nice cup of tea or a rich cup of coffee genuinely brings me happiness. This is why, starting from this point forward, I will begin to share with you some of my favorite coffeeshops and restaurants as I journey across them. I also enjoy traveling, whether its within the United States or abroad, and particularly can’t wait for my next trip in 3 days to the US Virgin Islands! Once I return from my trip, I’ll share my experiences as well as the beautiful photographs here on my blog. In the mean time though, I’ll post some pictures during my trip to my Instagram account which is @hippie_gal13 feel free to follow and interact with me on there as well.

I am so excited for what’s to come and hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do. If I can’t fit in another blog post before the New year, I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!


Hippie Gal

P.S. Currently, my YouTube account is still under works. Once I upload my first video I’ll share that link with you all!

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Joyce (or @JoJotheceo on Instagram), is a Baltimore-based fashion/lifestyle blogger and a full-time marketer and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Solsis Beauty, a beauty brand offering vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics based in Baltimore, MD. JoJo strives to create beautiful content that inspires her readers to live out their authentic lives, unapologetically. Follow along on her entrepreneurial journey!

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