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Oh, Happy April! I realized that it’s been some time since my last post, but I promise you it hasn’t been because I’ve been lazy, quite the contrary. These past couple of weeks have been so busy but during those times I’ve had my blog on my mind all the time. I’ll be able to give you guys glimpses of what I’ve been doing but in the meantime I decided to share this post with you all because it comes from a special place.

Channeling my inner strength

I love accessories. You will never find me leave my house without my bracelets and/or rings. I haven’t been too much of an earrings type of gal…but the gifts I have received in the past months have made me appreciate earrings more and more. If I find a brand that speaks to me, I love to share it with others, especially to those that share similar interests. It’s no secret I love Free People. I love the brand and what they stand for. A lot of their jewelry is handmade too and a lot of the designs really embody what I stand for, which is being free. I also have a slight obsession with handmade and fair trade products. There is something good about feeling like that piece of jewelry was handmade for you and when you know it’s more than just making a profit out of a product it goes beyond that.

So on to my latest obsession, IB designs. One of my favorite gifts I’ve received, I received this past Christmas. Gifts with meaning behind them truly melt my heart. A gift doesn’t necessarily have to be material possessions; you’d be surprised how much I cherish a handwritten letter/note. The gift that melted my heart happened to be a bracelet. My beau bought me a Lavi bracelet from IB Designs. Lavi means “life” in Patois and Creole, and when I opened the gift there was a small note in it that read:

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Maybe it was because it was a gift from someone that means the world to me, or maybe it’s the energy I feel from wearing the bracelet but I haven’t been able to take it off since. I’ve probably catered most, if not all, of my outfits around the bracelet, if I’m being honest.

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When I had visited St. Croix I went to their store & fell in love with so many pieces that I couldn’t decide what to purchase. I tried on a ring and although I didn’t buy it while I was down there, it stayed on my mind until I reached home. I remembered the meaning of the symbol that i spoke so much truth in my life.

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Over the past weeks a lot of things in my life have been changing and they’ve been changing rapidly. During the end of January through mid-February I had been under a lot of stress and it seemed like a lot of the things in my life were out of my control. That, to me, was so scary. Not being able to figure out how to control the chaos frustrated me. So what did I do? I did the one and only thing I could do….which was pray. I prayed for wisdom, patience but most importantly I prayed for strength. I needed strength to keep going and I needed strength so that I could be the person God has intended me to be. During those hard times, a lot of my close friends/family needed me. They didn’t need anything material from me they needed something spiritual from me, which was strength. I’ve always felt like life has a way of preparing me for moments like these right before they happen. They needed me to listen to them without chiming in and they needed me to pass on some hope and strength through our conversations. I realized that every situation or challenge presented to me during this time was an opportunity to get stronger, spiritually.

Fast forward to now and I am very grateful for how different aspects of my life are merging together. I started a new job and this job has been a huge blessing in more ways than one. I also got back in my groove of working out and remaining active (post about this to follow) and I am more than grateful for all of the relationships around me. Throughout the ups and downs of the past weeks, I couldn’t stop thinking about that ring and decided to place my order. I received my ring last week and it’s absolutely beautiful. Similar to my bracelet, every day when I look down at my hand and see my strength ring I remind myself that God will always give me the strength I need to get through anything and everything.

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So my post today is simply dedicated to one of the strongest people I know, my Abuelita. When I feel like I cant get through something, I ask God for strength and always call my grandma so she can pray for me. Her faith and strength is a fountain of strength for my whole family and is my constant reminder of what it means to be such a strong and independent woman.

Lastly to all of you that feel like whatever you are going through right now is one of the hardest things you’ve ever gone through, I’m letting you know God will you give you the strength you need to get through it. Whether it is a bad morning, day, relationship, or obstacle I believe that you have the strength to get through it.

“Love the Life you live. Embrace it, cherish it, and share it joyfully with those you love.”

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