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Without even noticing it, I realized I had gone on a social media cleanse. It wasn’t until I received several messages from my friends that I realized I hadn’t been as “active” on social media as I normally am. A lot has happened over the past couple of months that have taken a lot of my time. I moved in August to my own studio apartment and if you’ve moved before you know how tedious and tiring the process is. With the move, work, going to the gym and attempting to maintain a social life, I went on a blogging hiatus. Now that I feel more settled and acclimated with a new schedule, I can’t wait to begin blogging more.

About two weeks ago, I spent some time rereading the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. If you’ve never heard of that book I suggest you google it immediately or better yet place your order for one via amazon ASAP. About 3 years ago this book helped me get through one of the toughest times of my life. When I began to feel overwhelmed with a lot going on a couple weeks ago, I grabbed my old copy and began re-reading it. This book is powerful and every time I read even just a page, I get back on track. It is constantly reminding you to live in the present, to live in the NOW. With so much going on, embracing the present became more and more difficult so as I re-read this book, I felt more free


So what’s on the horizon, you ask?

A lot. In the past two weeks, my calendar got booked with three upcoming trips that I am so eagerly ready to go on. I love traveling whether it be within the United States or internationally. My ultimate dream is to go to Paris and I know in due time that’ll be in the works. For now, with work and my crazy schedule, planning small getaways within the US are just as fabulous. I’m always ready for a new adventure and I’m always ready to explore a new city.


This weekend I’ll be off to Houston, Texas. I’ve never been to Texas before and being the foodie/art enthusiast/coffee addict and fashion admirer that I am, I simply cannot wait to get a taste of Texas. After that in October I am headed to Miami for a special bday celebration for a very special gal. Lastly, in November I will finally be taking the ultimate trip to the Virgin Islands after winning the VI Nice Video Contest. All of these trips got me super excited and I can’t wait to share pictures and my experiences with you all.

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So stay tuned. <3



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