Rock City, Sweet and Nice

Day one: Arrival on Rock city

We arrived in St. Thomas around 3pm after experiencing a short delay on our flight. As soon as I got a glimpse of St. Thomas through the airplane window, I started experiencing all sorts of butterflies in my stomach. I quickly pointed to the island we’d be staying on to my mother and her eyes just opened with excitement. This would be her first experience in the Caribbean and I was so happy that I had her by my side on this unforgettable experience. My brother, his girlfriend, and my best friend were already at the airport, and before I knew it, I was being greeted at the airport with some music and dance! I quickly ran to hug my family and friends and like one would during any great island welcome, had some Cruzan rum shots! At that point I was trying to get acclimated with the beautiful 85 degree weather since that morning I had woken up to 30 degree DC weather.

I then met some of the people that would make my stay truly incredible. I was greeted by James Dowe from Island Tours VI, who would not only serve as THE BEST driver, but a great tour guide as we travelled around the island. On our ride in the van to Wild Ginger Villa, the beautiful villa that would become our home for the next six days, we pointed to the beautiful houses, the clear water, and of course the nature that surrounded us.

When we got to the villa, we each had a moment of “Is this really happening?” The villa overlooked the ocean—to our left and right we could see Hans Lollick Island as well as the surrounding islands (BVI and St. John). In the midst of all this excitement we realized we were extremely hungry and quickly got ready for dinner. We decided to go to Mafolies for our first dinner on the island, and it was a great first choice. Now, I’m a self-proclaimed foodie, so naturally I couldn’t wait to begin to get a taste of the Virgin Islands. The dish I ordered was one of the night’s special, and it was to die for. As I looked around to see what everyone else had ordered everything looked DELICIOUS. I took a quick picture of my plate before completely devouring it. It was so good! The drinks, the appetizers, the view, it was all perfection. After that meal, we ended calling it an early night. Between traveling, the views, the food… we all needed to get a good night’s rest for what lay ahead!

Day two

On Saturday, I woke up both in confusion and awe. I opened the curtains from the master bedroom and saw, once again, the beautiful ocean. My best friend and I went to brew some coffee and sat on the porch to let the view sink in. Even though the skies were looking kind of cloudy, we had our plans set for the day. Lunch at Glady’s Café followed by Ziplining, then dinner and of course the USVI Peace Concert at night. After soaking in the morning view, we all got ready to have another delicious meal. As always, James was right on time making sure we made it to our destination and showed us the way to Glady’s café. We went through such a beautiful alley to get to the café that I found myself trying to pictures of the doors, for goodness sake! We reached the café and got seated by our wonderful server, Pauline. I don’t know if it was her warm smile or if it was her attentiveness to what we cared for, but she made our lunch a continuation of experiencing some island love. I had the jerk mahi mahi sandwich that was as scrumptious as it sounds. My brother ordered a fruit plate to begin with and of course, we all dug in to that. The papaya and mango, which were all locally grown had us wishing that the moment would never end. It was the perfect meal to have before experiencing something I had always wanted to try: ziplining!

We got to Tree Limin Extreme where my best friend and I were to experience our first Zip Lining experience! I have to admit, I’ve always been scared of heights. I’m not much of a roller coaster type of gal. I’ve always preferred to watch my friends, instead of giving myself anxiety while partaking in such activities, and although I was nervous I really wanted to zip line and see the island from views up top. There were six courses and I decided to go right before my friend so that I wasn’t alone as I jumped off. Once I took the first jump, I felt invincible. When I landed on the first course, I was hooked (literally and figuratively)! I couldn’t wait to jump off the rest! It was such an incredible experience and our tour guides were truly amazing. Bianca, our instructor, and the gentleman who assisted her did an incredible job making us feel safe and making sure we enjoyed every course. Bianca would tell us some jokes and also provided some accompanying music. Around course #3, the skies started to get dark and we started experiencing some rain. It slowly began to pour and to be honest…it was the best time. I’ve always had this weird wish to dance in the rain and I felt like this was life’s way of granting me that wish. We really made the best of the weather, and I was so happy I got to go on my first zip lining experience in St. Thomas!

Because of the rain, we continuously checked to see if the concert was still going to happen. By 5:00pm, we had not been notified of any cancellation, so we got ready to go to dinner before the concert. We were near the water at Fat Turtle In Yacht Haven, but the rain didn’t stop. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner but soon after our meal we were informed that the peace concert had indeed been cancelled and would have to be postponed due to the rain. My bestie Brittany who’s from St Thomas, told us they hadn’t seen this much a rain in a while. So, although I was very sad I wouldn’t get to see Pressure or Rock City perform (gahhh huge fan), we were still happy and grateful to be in the Virgin Islands for this experience. So we finished our meal and had a few more drinks and headed back to our amazing villa.

Day three

After what seemed to be a stormy Saturday came some Sunday sunshine! We woke up on Sunday to a rainbow and it felt like something out of a movie.

The beautiful view 🙂
Rainbows to make us smile!

The weather called for some more rain that evening, so we decided it would be a good day to do some shopping and drive around the island. This day is best represented by all the pictures we took. We took selfies on the way to Iggie’s Beach Bar, where we had an amazing lunch. What a relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Stay tuned for my next two posts where I’ll talk about my trip to St. John and dinner with Pressure as well as my adventures on St. Croix! Xo

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