St. John, a real paradise.

On Monday, we woke up to the sun shining and we were ready to explore St. John! We got ready, hopped on a ferry and began to get a glimpse of Love city. Our first stop was to get some smoothies and coconuts over at Our Market Smoothies! Thomas (who is also the owner) greeted us and made us the best smoothies ever. When he opened our coconuts, he asked if we wanted some Cruzan rum in them and all I could think of was what a genius idea! My brother and I had some pineapple Cruzan rum in our coconuts and it was delicious! After indulging in the best smoothies you could possibly get on St. John, we headed to Cruz Bay. When we approached the beach, everyone was speechless. The clear blue waters, the white sand…was breathtaking.

In a view as amazing as the one we were experiencing, pictures were a must. You can check them out below:

You know the saying, “time flies when you’re having fun”? Well, I felt like time was going a little too fast for my liking. No one wanted to leave the beach, but we had to catch the ferry in order to be right on time for our dinner. As we said bye to the beautiful island of St. John, we all left mesmerized by such beautiful beaches and views. We got home and began getting ready for dinner which would be at the Oceania Restaurant. As we arrived, we heard the splashes of the waves behind us and again, we were about to have dinner amongst a beautiful view, exceptional service and even more delicious food! During my dinner I got to formally meet the much loved and respected reggae artist, Pressure Busspipe. Alongside with him were others from the VI Department of Tourism that had helped me make my stay unforgettable! I met Kizzy and spoke to Canika John who I had been in contact with since winning the challenge and of course Emmett, who was the amazing videographer and photographer during my trip (yes I’m also very excited to see this footage).

To start off, we ordered some wine and the conversations just began to flow so effortlessly after that. If there is one thing I simply love about the Virgin Islands is the spirit of the people. I’m all about positive vibes and I loved being around such great energy. Naturally, Pressure and I started talking about music and of course we completely bonded over an artist that is a huge inspiration to both of us, Bob Marley. Pressure then told me that if the Peace Concert hadn’t been cancelled due to the rain, he was going to call me on stage to perform with him. I told him  I would’ve loved that! We continued speaking about music and he asked me why wasn’t I pursuing music…such a simple yet profound question. I told him that I’d begin to focus on it more in 2016 and that the beginning was publishing that video for his song “Virgin Islands Nice”. Music has always been my passion. It’s what gets me through the toughest times and inspires me. The conversations I got to share with Pressure and the representatives of the Dept of Tourism that night made the whole trip priceless. You can’t place a price on inspiration.


P.S. because I love fashion if you’re wondering where I got my dress, I ordered it online at one of my favorite stores, Free People.

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