Welcome to Jamrock…Part I

As I sit here trying to wrap my head around the past couple weeks/months, I don’t know where to begin and where to end. I have been in a state of bliss and awe that has made me so grateful for life. My birthday was back in April and I got to ring it in with my family and friends that I love so much. I only felt positive energy and great vibes that week and I knew it would only continue as I prepared for my trip to Jamaica that weekend. This trip to me was everything. There is something so special about the Caribbean that I can’t quite put into words. I know that the more I travel and explore, the more I fall in love with our earth and the beauty of its people. From the beginning, I knew this was going to be an unforgettable trip for the sole purpose that Jamaica was once the home to none other than Bob Marley. Bob Marley’s music in my life has not only been a vessel for mindfulness, love and energy, but it has also given me the power to make me feel like every little thing is going to be alright. I could go on and on speaking about how it has personally affected me but for the sake of this blog post, let’s take a dive into my trip.

*In efforts to condense my trip into two blog posts, I’ll show you guys pictures and highlights of our trip throughout both posts.* 

Part I 

We arrived on Sunday at 9:45am, as soon as we arrived we were surrounded by sun and smiles. We automatically became friends with our driver and anyone that we came in contact with. We were staying in Negril so the drive let us see some of the views and different towns. We stayed at Legends resort in Negril and it was absolutely amazing! The people that work there all do their job with such love that it was impossible to frown.

As we laid on the beach we met a couple of locals that would help make our trip truly unforgettable and help us to get a taste of the real Jamaica. As we planned out our days, we also had an open mind and were happy to simply go with the flow. Maybe the island soul in all of us knew that whatever we did, we would enjoy every second of it.

Our first pics in Negril 🙂

Water tubing: This experience was too much to put into words. From one of my cousins yelling “go faster, go faster” to me grabbing on for my dear life it was an experience we all wouldn’t forget.


Ricks Cafe

We heard so much about the world famous Rick’s café so we decided to make a trip out of it. We hopped on a catamaran and had such an AMAZING time on the boat. It wouldn’t have been a party if we didn’t make friends with everyone we met! We met two girls that were visiting Jamaica from NYC and quickly become friends with the boat’s crew members. Rick’s is also known for its cliff jumping and although I didn’t partake in jumping off (#NoRegrets) my girls did and watching them was enough of a great experience. Even though Rick’s was really popular, it was very “touristy”.

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My girls jumping off <3

When I travel I love to have a taste of the island from locals mixed in with some touristy experiences, too. When we befriended the crew members, we told them the café was cool, BUT, we would really like to see the local neighborhood. They immediately smiled and off we went. Fish and Red Stripe beer was what we had. And the fish was devoured in about 5 seconds because it was THAT good. We walked and chilled until it was time to get back on the catamaran and head back to Negril. What a joyous time! Just imagine, open bar on a boat in Jamaica, with the contagious beats of dancehall playing in the background. How could you even describe that feeling in a word? I really don’t know. 😉


Every night we got to taste local foods whether it was the stands of jerk chicken or local restaurants to get some red snapper (my absolute favorite!). In my eyes, one of the best parts of traveling is tasting all different types of food. Yum!


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