Workout Motivation: The Start of a New Fitness Journey

What a journey it has been! I wrote a post on my health and fitness journey about two years ago when I started to really start to see my metabolism and body changing. It was during that time that I started to focus on nutrition and health and looking at more natural remedies whenever I felt under the weather.

Fast forward to March 2017 and I haven’t stopped learning about health and fitness. This year in particular I have been challenging my body to lift more weights and to eat healthier every day. The most difficult part to my journey so far has been pushing myself to skip over foods that don’t provide much nutritional value and opt for foods that nourish and are good for my body. I love food so much and a year ago I was the Queen of the brunch scene and was always on top of the newest restaurants opening up – but one thing i’ve learned through this process is that balance is key.

Again, this is the start of a different type of fitness journey for me (vs the blog post I shared from two years ago) and I’m super excited to share it with you all via my blog/instagram and YouTube. From my favorite workouts to easy recipes that I’m learning along the way I want to bring you all into my health and fitness journey. With that said, I’m still trying and testing new routines to find what works best for me and in no way am I trying to convince or suggest you should be doing the same thing, again it’s about finding what works for you. Being able to share it on my blog is also a way to keep myself accountable and see what’s working and what’s not.

My goal for my current fitness journey is to be the best version of myself – and I really mean that. I want to build muscle and lose fat but my goal isn’t just weight loss–it’s to be the healthiest version of myself. I hate scales because in my mind they don’t mean much to me (unless your health physician says so). I want a healthy and toned body and that’s my goal in all of this. This is super important for me to state because a lot of times I hear so many people – especially women – talk about their bodies or working out in terms of not liking their bodies which stems from very low self esteem and this journey isn’t all about “looks”. I’ll touch on this in the next upcoming weeks but for the sake of this post I want you, the reader, to grasp that this more about living and embracing a healthy lifestyle rather than the physical looks. I am fortunate enough to also have an amazing boyfriend, David (4sho Fitness Training) who just happens to be a certified master trainer and has a pool of knowledge that I get to learn from and adapt into my routines etc. He has been and continues to be a huge part of my journey since we are both such big health and fitness enthusiasts.

Lastly, I’ll be sharing a lot of my research on certain things like vitamin/supplement information but it’s super important you do your own research as well. I’ll be posting workouts and places I go for inspiration on Sundays so if needed, you can always follow along. If you’re already on your own fitness journey I’d love to hear from you! If you’ve been thinking of starting and haven’t committed, I’d love for you to join me (even if it’s through virtual support)! Again, I can’t wait to interact with you all to create a community that’s geared towards becoming the best version of ourselves possible!

So, if you’re ready to follow my journey, I leave you with this question to get started — what/who motivates you? (feel free to comment below!)

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Joyce (or @JoJotheceo on Instagram), is a Baltimore-based fashion/lifestyle blogger and a full-time marketer and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Solsis Beauty, a beauty brand offering vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics based in Baltimore, MD. JoJo strives to create beautiful content that inspires her readers to live out their authentic lives, unapologetically. Follow along on her entrepreneurial journey!

2 thoughts on “Workout Motivation: The Start of a New Fitness Journey

  1. Who, what motives me? Well, that’s a big question. Ultimately I’m in competition with myself. And I enjoy looking back and seeing the progress, because it is hard to realize your progress in a short period of time. It sometimes takes years to see a difference and to overcome setbacks. I am also motivated as a mom, I want my daughter to see me being healthy and happy; and I want to inspire her to aspire to do the same in life. Since I’m a single mom, a busy household motivates me to stay in shape so that I can keep up with everything. And staying healthy is the ultimate fountain of youth, to keep our minds and bodies strong and young, that’s a big motivation as I get older. I can do more now than I could 15 years ago. And I am taking bigger risks by learning and trying new activities that I would have never done before.

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