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To my readers:

These past few weeks have been filled with all types of emotions. From happiness to deep sorrow, it has felt as though the universe has been throwing all sorts of experiences my way. My blog has been a place for me to be honest; a place to share my experiences and live my truth. This year my aim will be to do both a mix of blogging and vlogging in order to share as much content as I can. 

This blog post is a catch-up and I’m using it to set a tone for this upcoming year. I’ve come to realize it’s okay to NOT be ready to speak on things that may be going on, but I do plan to share much more in efforts to help any reader that may be going through the same or similar situations. 

Just in the past 4 weeks alone, I have undergone a spectrum of experiences. There were some days where it hurt more to wake up and others it seemed impossible to fall asleep. There were times of joy and laughter and others of serenity + peace. I was filled with joy as I watched one of my best friends say “I do” to a wonderful man and the love of her life, and I’ve been learning how to deal with grief as I said a final goodbye to a woman I loved so much and was like a second mother to me. These times have been extra tough, and normally, working out has been the outlet that keeps me grounded and has provided a way for me to relieve stress. However, I had to undergo a small, yet important surgical procedure that has left me in a recovery mode where I haven’t been allowed to work out. 

Nevertheless, I am back and I have taken this time to fill myself with good energy and spent a lot of time reflecting and growing my soul more spiritually. I’ve had a theme since the beginning of the year that has been helping me with setting my tone for the day, and I wanted to share it with you all. I have come to realize and truly believe that it is my duty to live out my best life. From reading The Alchemist to the signs I’ve felt the universe is sending me – each morning as I wake up I remind myself that I have a responsibility to the universe to try each day to live out my best life. So far, it has allowed me to reflect on how I choose to spend my hours and energy, and has helped me to accept that I am a constant work in progress.

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Peace & Love,

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