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I am a firm believer that beauty starts from the inside out. I have always tried to be conscious of what I put inside my body and more so in the past couple of years when I became more health conscious. I would take vitamins on a consistent basis before but a couple years ago when my doctor told me I was deficient in vitamin D (which happens to alot of people, especially in the winter) I increased the amount of vitamins I took. This year after being made aware of how inefficient taking so many vitamins could be, I decided to really pay attention to what Ritual was offering.

Watch this video that does a good job explaining why we (women) needed a better multivitamin than those being offered.

Subscribed and Addicted
After seeing and reading all that Ritual had to offer, I decided to try their service. In my experience, I was spending well over $30/a month on vitamins because vitamins aren’t cheap. I decided to subscribe and I instantly fell in love. I not only love these vitamins, but I also love taking them. 

It’s super easy to start and they deliver it to your door every month and you can cancel it anytime.


Two things I love about Ritual vitamins:

  1. Gentle on an empty stomach—delayed-release formulation dissolves later, in the less sensitive, more absorptive areas of your gut.* – I have taken these first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and don’t feel any different than taking it later in the day. I would hate taking the other vitamins on an empty stomach because I could feel and even taste the aftermath of the vitamins.
  2. Easy to take— a mint tab in every bottle keeps things fresh. – I know this is a small touch, but I loveeeee the fact that they have a minty smell and taste. I mean, it sounds vain but I used to hate having the vitamin mouth smell, with Ritual it’s so pleasant, it almost feels therapeutic.

How I’ve felt
Ever since I began taking these vitamins I must say I have felt more alert and like my body has been able to heal quicker. (Quick example I developed a core sore and it was the quickest it has ever healed up). Now, I realize there could’ve been a lot of factors involved but I can only say that in my experience I have felt like it has helped. Overall the site states that it takes 3-4 months for your body to reach a new equilibrium and I am still on that journey (just about to begin month 3). I will continue taking these and maybe in about 4-6 months do a follow up post.


Why am I writing this?
I truly believe our health is one of THE most important things we have to look after and treat with love. As a woman, it is also that much more important that we are getting the right nutrients and the right amount of vitamins for our bodies. We go through so much daily but I try my best to make sure I am doing all I can to truly love and honor my body. Also, as #BossBabe when life gets so busy and chaotic it’s important to have the brainpower for those meetings and fueling our bodies with the right energy is the best start to any day. So, with that, I wanted to share it with all of you, my readers & followers in hopes that you will begin to take care of your beautiful body too.

Interested in trying Ritual Vitamins for yourself? SUBSCRIBE USING THIS LINK and get $15 off your first order!

Do you take other vitamins that you are obsessed with? Tell me about in the comments or shoot me a message via Instagram! I would love to hear your thoughts.



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