Creating a Sisterhood – #SOLSISCircle Event Recap

I’m still on a high from #SOLSIScircle event! Seriously, my heart is so FULL of love and gratitude. When I first created and had the idea to create this Sister Circle event, I didn’t really tell any of these women what to expect but I just knew, whoever took the initiative to come was meant to be there. I still can’t believe the event sold out in less than a week and that these beautiful ladies trusted me with your afternoon. I have been thanking God and expressing my gratitude since then.

I organized this event with the intention to bring women together, to empower one another, to uplift one another and LOVE one another because that was the reason why I created SOLSIS Beauty. Last year was a tough year for me and I constantly felt like I was suffering in silence. THIS year I made it a mission to begun to create a safe space especially for women and women of color to come and be real about what really is going on in our lives. This year one of my personal goals is to live FEARLESSLY and shine my light in all aspects of my life.

I was filled with so much joy being in a room full of beautiful women that were able to be vulnerable and share their own story. Words can’t and won’t do it justice but I know this is one of many to come. Pics to come (I’ll update this post with the album) and video is below!


To all the women that came out to my event this past Saturday, thank you for being YOU. For being vulnerable, for crying while telling your truth, for letting us in. I love you all so much. I can’t wait to support you all and continue this sisterhood.

Last but not least THANK you to all that made this event possible!
Host: @solsisbeauty / @jojotheceo
Venue/Space: @bainbridgefederalhill
Customized Desserts: @double_dough
Drinks: @nove_sangrias
Food: @_chef_rell_

Gift bags:
Teavolve Cafe, thank you for giving us samples of your delicious tea, we have been using it to center us.
Poppy and Stella for giving our attendees a special treat.

I leave you with this…
Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself these questions… What energy do you keep around you and in your inner circle? Who can you call when you feel like you need some positive energy? Who’s really with you in the low moments of your life NOT just when things are good and the living is easy. If you can honestly answer those questions and feel happiness, let those people around you know how much you LOVE and APPRECIATE them!!! If you’re not happy with the answers from those questions I hope you reflect and create some small steps to surround yourself with better energy this year.
This is the start not something great and I promise y’all I’ll be putting more events like this together this year!!!!!!!! Period!!

When was the last time you felt super inspired? Comment below xo.

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