Protect those that are most vulverable to COVID-19 Inmates in USP Beaumont are fearing for their lives

“Truth is on the side of the oppressed.” – Malcolm X 

On Sunday I got a call that not only saddened me to my core but enraged me. My brother who is currently serving time at USP Beaumont in Texas had voiced some concerns over one of our calls in the last week and he wanted to compile of list to send me detailing the concerns. Unfortunately, due to their lockdowns he hadn’t been able to send the full list but yesterday I got a phone call from another fellow inmate at Beaumont to speak on. This morning (Monday May 4, 2020) I have been calling the CENTRAL OFFICE (202-307-3198)  which is The Bureau of Prisons’ headquarters in DC to voice my concerns about the unfair and unjust treatment of the inmates at Beaumont USP and have YET to get anyone on the other line of the phone. I was on the phone for 5min straight just hearing the phone ring on the other end to oblivion with NO answer. I emailed them and have yet to receive confirmation of my email.

Here is the list verbatim of the concerns some (if not most) of the inmates are feeling and were expressed to me in my call on May 3rd.

  1. Inmates at FBOP Beaumont Texas are NOT being tested for COVID-19.
  2. Officers/CO have tested Positive for COVID-19.
  3. The admin has ordered all inmates out of DB units to be split/moved into different units. The units that they are being order to move INTO UNITS THAT HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO POSITIVE CASES OF COVID-19.
  4. All inmates are afraid for their lives and scared to death.
  5. The water is not sanitary, it comes out BROWN and inmates are not being provided with water for their own daily use.
  6. Many inmates have sent the Warden emails voicing their concerns and as of May 3, 2020 they have yet to receive any answer or communication regarding their messages.
  7. The move from the DB unit is supposed to be taking place on May 3rd.
  8. Some inmates may already be infected with the virus and are being quarantined in an isolated unit but inmates from those same units are the ones they are trying to move new inmates into.
  9. No one from the administration is making rounds to address any type of inmate concerns. No counselor, no case managers, nor unit managers, psychology, or any Warden has been communicating with the inmates.


This is just unacceptable. As a society, as human beings we have to DO better. Please, please, PLEASE if you have a second or can send an email to the and copy and paste the concerns and tell them that this is happening at USP Beaumont. I just posted on my Instagram account asking people to tag any change makers on the post. Please do so if you can.

I urge you to please call this number and either chose one of the 9 concerns or read them all to whoever you can get on phone.
Phone: 202-307-3198

USP Beaumont has a history of treating these inmates unfairly and inhumane.
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