Revive Superfoods (Review, Video and Discount Code)

If you’re on the go or are in desperate need of a quick breakfast option (like me) you have to try Revive Superfoods (Smoothie Delivery Service)! I received this package at the perfect time because I needed to make sure I was giving my body & immune system the right nutrition. The smoothies come pre-packaged and ready to be blended. All you have to do is add the base of your choice (my preference is almond milk), blend, and enjoy. The package comes cold and you just insert the smoothies in your fridge.

What I love about the smoothies is that they’re quick, vegan and the packaging is reusable (after you blend you put it back in the cup to-go and insert the reusable straw of your choice). I have been trying to eat more of a plant based diet and this smoothie makes it that much easier to start my day with the right amount of nutrition. On days where I need extra protein, I just add a scoop of my favorite @22daysnutrition protein.

Ready to try the smoothie service and want 60% off? Use my code JOJOCOCO60 at checkout and try it for yourself. I promise you, you’ll get addicted!

Check out my youtube video tutorial/review below:

About Revive (from their site): Revive Superfoods began with the objective to take the hard work out of leading a healthy, balanced, and nutritious lifestyle.

From recipe research to grocery shopping to food prep, it’s often easier to turn to quick fixes that are convenient but lack nutrition. We believe healthy eating doesn’t have to be that difficult.

That’s why Revive Superfoods delivers healthy, preservative-free smoothies in the most convenient format possible: frozen, ready to blend, and right to your doorstep.

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